Tuesday of week 34

Daniel 2:31-45; Daniel 3:57-61; Luke 21:5-11

All three of the synoptic Gosples (Matthew, Mark and Luke) tell of Jesus prophesying about the end times. However, Luke differed from he others in three ways:

Luke talks only of the destruction of the Temple, not of 'everything'. As the temple was destroyed by Roman military action in AD70 this is usually taken as evidence that Luke was writing after AD70. Note that prophesy does not mean 'prediction of time and place' for events. Instead read prophesy as a way of describing consequences for behaviour.

Matthew and Mark both place Jesus on a hillside overlooking Jerusalem, while Luke has Jesus in the temple complex. The importance of the Temple to Luke is clear - as his Gospel both begins and ends in the temple, and Jesus visits the Temple several times.

Luke has Jesus speaking of work that the disciples must do between now and the ned times. In this way Luke is telling the people of God that we need to permanently be making ourselves ready. The end times are going to come, but not necessarily imminently. For both Mark and Matthew, the end times are in our own lifetime. By AD 70 most if not all of those who had met Jesus in His lifetime would have been dying out - so the end times are at least more than one lifetime away.

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