Monday of week 34

Daniel 1:1-6,8-20; Daniel 3:52-56; Luke 21:1-4

It is said that the Temple had metal horns set up so that when bags of money were poured in a loud noise would be made, to allow everyone to know exactly how lavish the wealthy were in their giving. The ting ting of two small light coins dropping in from a poor widows' hand would make a barely audible noise in contrast. But Jesus noticed the noise, and knew exactly how much those coins meant to the widow.

It can hardly be said to be a bad thing that wealthy people give well to the Church - indeed many good projects result with outcomes that help all to build the church. We do need to remember the contributions that are less visible, less audible, and un-noticed - as for God, the amount given is not measured by the good the gift can achieve, but the goodness of the heart that is giving. It is especially important as we head into Advent (which does not start for another week yet!!!) that when we give, that we are motivated by what God is looking for, and not in order to make a show of our generosity.


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