Saint Andrew, Apostle

Romans 10:9-18; Psalm 18(19):2-5; Matthew 4:18-22

"follow me  - - - I will make you Fishers of men " and it is striking how they do just that - with no hesitancy, even, leaving their nets dangling in the water. And thus Jesus calls Simon Peter, and today's Saint Andrew, and a little later, Simon and James, all fishers on the sea of Galilee.

Would we be able to drop everything and follow Jesus when He calls us? Many of those with a visible vocation, such as myself, actually spent years avoiding the call (in my case to the permanent diaconate). And yet - on the day of ordination, there was an insistent and urgent call to take those few steps from a seat in the congregation, forward to our Bishop who in the person of Christ conferred ordination. And most days, there is someone that needs to be listened to, and a response of giving time and presence there and then, immediately, is needed. Most of us, also, have many calls - to a vocation of work, marriage, prayer perhaps.

Perhaps as you read this you also are aware of a calling forward to something. If it is Christ calling you, then Christ will not stop - so carry on listening and if the call continues, some day, make an immediate response. And let us pray for each other's vocations, that God may bless us with a sure knowledge of what they are, and the courage to say Yes, Lord - I follow.

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