Next Sunday (30th Sep 18) will see the return to St Gregory’s Church. We are hopeful that the vast majority of pews will be in situ and the environment will be much more comfortable for worship. The project however is still ongoing with a planned completion date of 23rd November 2018 - we are confident of takeover on this date.


Church Restoration Blog 9th September

We have turned the corner!

I am pleased to advise that all the scaffolding, boards and associated equipment have now been removed from the Church. The original ceiling, beams and braces have been exposed and decorated. The stained glass (at all levels) have had minor repairs where required and they have all been cleaned. The surrounding arches have had an application of shelter-coat. All walls are currently being painted. The historic stencilling looks simply magnificent!
Work within the Sacristy and link corridor has now begun and the structures for the new cupboards have been installed. It has been decided to retain the original floor within the link corridor and minor repairs are ongoing. The joiner will be actively working in the Sacristy and link throughout this week. All piping for water has been installed and we await the arrival of the radiators and kitchen furniture.
As previously advised the lights have been mounted on the tracks. At the end of the project they will be aimed and the dimmer system will be programmed.
On Friday pupils from St Gregory’s School visited the Church. They were fortunate enough to have a briefing from the architect on the work that has been done to date. Practical exercises were set and the children were asked to design their own decorative sanctuary arch – a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience. See photo’s.

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