Deacon David McConkey

David McConkey, a seminarian for Clifton Diocese, was ordained to the diaconate on Saturday June 29th at St Mary’s College, Oscott.

David, a former Anglican Clergyman, was received into the Catholic Church a couple of years ago. He is a parishioner of St Gregory’s, Cheltenham and many here will know him as our Parish Organist, where he has greatly enhanced the liturgy of the Parish over the past two years or so. After discernment and a year in the seminary in Oscott, he was ordained Deacon along with 10 other men from different dioceses.

Deacon David will serve in the parish of St Gregory’s for the next few months. Bishop Declan has kindly agreed to ordain David to the priesthood on Saturday 28th September at 11:00 in our Parish - keep the date in your diaries! There will be refreshments (not lunch!) served in the Hall of the School following the Ordination.

Please keep Deacon David in your prayers.

It is important that on admission to hospital, a patient (or his/her carers) inform the admission staff that they are Catholic. The hospital will not ask for this information, it is up to the patient to make it known and to make sure that a note is made. As of September 2018, Gloucester NHS no longer employ a catholic chaplain. In an emergency, please ask the nursing staff to contact the Chaplaincy Office at the hospital (or ring 03004 222222 and ask for the Catholic Chaplain)

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In addition to the events in the calendar please note there are the  following recurring meetings:

Legion of Mary, Monday in the OP Library, 17:00 to 18:00

Young Catholic Adults - Meet on the Third Sunday Evening of every month, Downstairs in the Old Priory.

Private Bookings, OP Upstairs, Monday evenings September to July

The Old Priory is cleaned on Tuesday Mornings.

Private Bookings, OP Upstairs, Tuesday evenings 19:00 to 21:30.

Private Bookings, OP Downstairs, Tuesday evenings, 15:00 to 20:00

Private Bookings, OP Upstairs, Wednesday evenings 19:00 to 21:30.

NOTE that all use of the Old Priory must be booked with the Parish office - they keep a diary for use of the Church, and Old Priory rooms and their version of bookings is the authoritative one. The calendar above is intended to show the use of the rooms so that if you have a need to book them, you can see in advance what the availability is likely to be! Events organised for Parish groups, religious meetings etc. are normally free; other bookings for parties, social groups etc. please ask in the parish office for booking rates.