Sunday Masses have now returned to St Gregory’s Church while weekday masses remain in the Old Priory Hall.  The project is still ongoing with a planned completion date of 23rd November 2018 - we are confident of takeover on this date.


Church Restoration Blog 9th September

We have returned to celebrate Mass in our Church!

A welcome return to Sunday Mass in the Church today (30th September) although as work on the project continues, weekday masses will remain in the Old Priory Hall.

The beauty of our historic building is once again visible as the effect of years of use have been cleaned off, and the stencilling on the chancel arch has been revealed by removing the paint applied during previous church alterations. The Church building is once again an uplifting place to worship, enhanced by a modern LED lighting system and the clerestory windows up above the arches have all been cleaned to great effect.

Work remaining to be done includes carpeting in the sanctuary, repairs in the St Benedict Chapel, and a refit in the sacristy - so fundraising continues to be a necessity.

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