Journey in Faith – moving on to Catechumenate

    RCIA Journey in Faith Meeting 28th September 2023

    Who is Jesus?

    At this session, we explored the question - Who is Jesus? Jesus was human - like us - and we looked at scripture passages that expose the personality of this person. We considered the image on the shroud of Turin -  weather this is an actual artefact of Christ or an early medieval illustration created by unknown technique - it shows a crucified christ in his most human form. And we considered Christ, son of God.

    The following additional material may prove beneficial to those who were able to be there, and is essential reading / viewing for those unable to come.

    Session 4: Who is Jesus?

    Stations of Creation

    As part of this years Season of Creation – a Catholic and Ecumenical season in which we consider our environment – we repeated the stations of creation which took place two years ago.

    The walk was interspersed with prayers about creation. and was inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’


    If you want to read more these links may be of interest:

    Laudato Si (Text in English – other languages are available).

    A review by Catholic Bishops on the impact of the Laudato Si’ encyclical in England.

    Bishop Robert Baron – a brief introduction to Laudato Si’ (video)

    RCIA – Journey in Faith Meeting 31 August

    Meeting 31 August at 19:00

    RCIA Journey in Faith - information meeting

    The journey in faith group met in the Old Priory on 31 August.

    We discussed "Who, or what is God" and the RCIA program in general. All welcome. For those who could not come, please watch the video on this link. This contains questions - please answer them for yourselves. If you want to discuss these please contact John.

    Session 2: The Existence of God