Parish Giving

Thank you

We are grateful for all the donations that we receive, and every donation made, whether large or small, plays an important role in helping to secure the long-term future of our Church. Your support helps fund St Gregory’s ongoing daily running costs as well as essential maintenance and conservation work that is vital to making sure our beautiful church will continue to be here for centuries to come.

Thank you all, for your continued support.

Standing Order

To set-up a Standing Order to the parish, both Gift Aid and non-Gift Aid, please use one of the forms found on this page. If you can gift aid your kind donation, please download a form and return it completed to the parish office. If you can, also send via email a scanned copy of your signed form, this would also be appreciated so that it can be passed onto the Diocese for processing. This is by far the best way to contribute to the parish and thank you very much in advance. You can be assured that your contribution will certainly make a big difference at this time. Once again thank you Gift Aid Form:Gift Aid Form:
    300 Club
    You can also contribute by joining the 300 Club. All we are asking you to do is set up a standing order donation of £5 per month, or £60 per year. Each member will be allocated a number. The numbers are then entered into a draw that will take place in the Old Priory at St Gregory's Church on the last Sunday of each month, after the 9.30am Mass.
  • 1st Prize £100
  • 2nd Prize £50
  • 3rd Prize £25
    At Christmas there will be an additional free draw. Prizes will be paid by cheque and posted to the winners after each draw throughout the year. It is easy to join the 300 Club and contribute to this worthwhile fund, whilst giving yourself a chance to win a money prize. If you are concerned about playing a lottery, please don't be. If you win a prize you can always donate it back to St Gregory's! Finally, please don't forget that all the funds raised through the 300 Club will go towards the upkeep and development of our beautiful church.
    How do I join the 300 club?
    Please contact the office on 01242 523737 between 9am and 1pm.
    Our beautiful Grade 2* Listed Church is the town's main Roman Catholic Church. About 1,000 attend Mass here each weekend, and there is also a daily Mass congregation of up to 70 people. The Jericho Appeal was launched several years ago to raise money for the urgently needed repairs to the boundary walls, gates, tower and spire of St Gregory's Church. Thanks to the generosity from individual supporters and with the aid of grants from English Heritage and other bodies we now have a fully restored tower and spire, and working tower clock. All the monies owing for these works have been paid, but our beautiful Church is constantly in need of maintenance and repairs. The Jericho Appeal was re-launched in 2007, the 150th anniversary year of Cardinal Wiseman opening our church on 26th May, 1857.
    Parishioners and friends of St Gregory's have generously and faithfully contributed to the Jericho Appeal over the years. In recent years, our Jericho funds have enabled us to provide a new floor and heating system. A large number of donations have been received towards a new carpet to the Sanctuary area of the Church. Thank you to our many friends and benefactors without whose support our Church would fall into a very sorry state.
    How to help?
    If you would like to help us, please send a cheque to St Gregory's Jericho Appeal at the address on our contact page. Cheques should be made payable to: "ST GREGORY'S JERICHO APPEAL".

Donate Online

You can make a donation online by selecting the fund that you wish to contribute to below. If you would like to Gift Aid your donation, you only need register your card once and all future donations will have gift aid applied.