Wednesday of week 14

Hosea 10:1-3,​7-8,​12; Psalm 104(105):2-7; Matthew 10:1-7

The start of Mathew 10 introduces us to the twelve apostles - those called out by Jesus to a special ministry of spreading the good news. Interestingly the other gospels have slightly different lists! But always there are 12 - a special number, for there were 12 tribes of Israel. Note that they are sent here exclusively to the people of God - Israel only, although as we know (we would not be here ourselves otherwise!) they actually went throughout the known world following the resurrection.

Simon(Peter) is given first place and Matthew points that out. Linguistically that is un-necessary as there he is, first named, but note that Andrew and Simon were called at the same time. So perhaps Simon(Peter) was given some leadership role in this group. The other apostles are quite a mixed crew - collaborators with the occupying Romans (collecting their taxes) are int he same group as the 'sons of thunder' (James and John) who might have been seen as terrorists by that same occupation.

All of them, other than John (who must have been quite young a this time) and the sad Judas, became martyrs for the faith. On these shoulders are built our church: despite their differences and arguments, one faith in one Lord.

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