Tuesday of Week 14

Hosea 8:4-7,​11-13; Psalm 113B(115):3-10; Matthew 9:32-37

Quite a contrast today between the first reading, and the Gospel.

Hosea is in striking graphical language condemning those who seek to reap from the earth that which they have not invested: a theme common to Hosea and Amos. They both strongly warn us not to set up princes - we are all equal and those in authority need to remember that they have a vocation to serve! We need to avoid worshiping false idols - focus our attention on The Lord and each other, not on synthetic values symbolised by the false gods of the times. And we must avoid accumulating wealth which then becomes our master: put money to good use - the good of all.

Having been thus warned buy the old testament, in his Gospel Matthew then tells us that in our time - 'the harvest is rich, but the labourers are few'. God has sown the richest of all harvests, that of faith in human hearts, and needs us all to gather it in. Our mission then is to seek the Lord in the lost, the weak, the poor.

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