Wednesday of week 11 in Ordinary Time

2 Kings 2:1,​6-14; Psalm 30(31):20,21,24; Matthew 6:1-6,​16-18

Almost  - maybe, sadly, all politics has been tainted at some time or another by corruption, hypocrisy and certainly, the bold and confident presentation of numbers to support their case. Equally sadly, the low turnout in voting at local and general elections suggests that many people are worn out by this. Many very entertaining printed, spoken and televised media use the device of cynicism at the core of their humour.

So how are we to discern who might be the best person to support and vote for in elections? Well, if one ignores the hype, one can see below the 'froth' and discern what the candidates are really like. And our prayers should certainly be said to support the right choice in each and every poll in the country.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has spoken about our responsibilities in this current general election as practicing Catholics. It is most important that we ensure we are registered and eligible to vote!


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