Tuesday of week 11 in Ordinary Time

1 Kings 21:17-29; Psalm 50(51):3-6,11,16; Matthew 5:43-48

Catholic social teaching promotes global disarmament, working for peace, conflict resolution and upholding universal human rights. Amongst other sources, this arrises in the words of Jesus himself, as exemplified in todays Gospel. We are told we must love our enemies, and we must pray for them.

To take just one current example - very few of us can make any significant difference in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. We do know that many have died on both sides of the campaign. Pope Francis has hinted strongly that there is a need to end this through negotiation - his words have also been taken out of context to suggest that Ukraine should surrender to prevent the further loss of life. We should not allow ourselves to become part of that unhelpful debate: our role is to pray for an end to the conflict, and if we have the means and opportunity, we should support the victims of it. In Cheltenham there are a number of refugee Ukrainian families, many are Catholic and we should at the very least welcome them to our Parish and provide what we can for their needs. The same is true of other refugees from other conflicts.

But always, we should pray for victims in both sides of conflict.

The Catholic Bishops have given us some guidance on how to take these issues to our prospective MP's.

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