Monday of the 1st week of Lent

Leviticus 19:1-2,11-18; Psalm 18(19):8-10,15; Matthew 25:31-46

The imagery is striking - there will be a dividing up, the goodies will be let in to heaven, the bodies left to rot and burn in hell.

We need to caution ourselves, as Christ came to bring salvation to all who will accept it. So expect to see some surprising characters in heaven - as everyone can be healed and transformed by Christ. There may not be nearly as Manny goats as one might imagine!

And then look at this parable again. It twice says - thereby emphasising - that our actions to the weak and needy in the world are what God is looking for. So ensure that when you can, you act for them. You will then be acting out Christs' salvation in you, and also bringing it closer to others. Remember next time that you buy a homeless person a coffee and a sandwich, or next time you choose to walk rather than use a car and thus reduce your carbon footprint, that little good you did is 'done unto me'. And Christ will remember.

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