Saturday after Ash Weds

Isaiah 58.9-14; Psalm 85; Luke 5.27-32

Someone once reproved the journalist and novelist Evelyn Waugh (1903-66), whose waspish temper, infidelities and indiscretions were infamous, of being a bad Catholic.  “All that you say is true,” he replied, “but imagine what kind of man I would be if I weren’t a Catholic!”

God doesn’t call us when we are cleaned up, dressed and presentable, like the parody of a Victorian father.  Instead, his interest in us is at its height when we are most in need.  And when we think ourselves righteous his eye hones in on the secret sins within us that are sapping our strength and making us more vulnerable to the wiles and deceits of the devil. [cf John 2.25]

All the sacraments have as their goal restoring us to right relationship with God, with our neighbours, and with ourselves.   Sins unacknowledged eat away at us, but sins confessed become the royal road for God to enter our lives and make us whole.  We dwell in him because we first allow him to dwell in us. [John 14.23] His presence within us gives us the strength (the virtue) to resist and repel evil.

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