Friday after Ash Wednesday

Isaiah 58.1-9; Psalm 50; Matthew 9.14-15

Lent calls us to fast not so much from harmful addictions and preoccupations but from things benign or even salutary in themselves that may be obscuring our vision of God. Israel in the wilderness hungered and endured privations not because the natural human desire for food and clothing is a bad thing [cf Matthew 6.25-33] but so that they could learn in their heart of hearts to trust in God alone. [Deuteronomy 8.1-6]

But our fasting can give us fresh opportunities for sharing our abundance with others, for healing not only the separation betwixt us and God but also the consequent disorderly relationship between us and our fellow human beings. [cf Luke 10.29-37]  As we pray in this season for new, revitalised hearts [Psalm 50(51).10], it is fitting for us to contemplate the ways that our choices and lifestyles enslave others and deprive them of what we all desire.  By our voluntary abstinence and by turning away from preferences that harm others we may all in this Lent discover afresh the ‘one thing necessary’ which neither sin nor Satan nor death can take from us. [cf Luke 10.41-42]

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