Thursday after Ash Weds

Deuteronomy 30.15-20; Psalm 1; Luke 9.22-25

The first Psalm serves as a kind of ‘table of contents’ for the whole Psalter.  We can at times find ourselves tempted by the blandishments of those who live lives at variance with God. Their siren song entices us, and our divided hearts put up only desultory resistance.  We loiter and linger along their pathway, then sit down and make ourselves at home.  But the food they set before us leaves us unsatisfied [Isaiah 55.2], their promises of easy gratification we know in our truest and best selves to be deceptions.  And then suddenly before us our eyes recognise, if only faintly at first [cf Mark 8.22-25], a Tree whose vitality inspires us to dig deeply so that we may reach its Source.

Not for nothing were the earliest Christians described as being followers of The Way.
[cf Acts 22.4]  The Christian life is a journey, a style of life, not a goal [cf Philippians 3.12].   Summoned by a voice more compelling than any we have previously heard [Mark 1.17-18] we follow, falteringly but as best as we can, in his path. [Mark 10.52]

He declares himself to be The Way. [John 14.6] To follow in his way is to take the path of the Cross [Mark 8.34-35], a tree that seems at first to be unnecessary and unwelcome suffering but then reveals itself as a ladder that connects the penury of earth to the bounty of heaven, a pathway home to the Father who is already coming to meet us.

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