Tuesday of week 30 in Ordinary Time

Romans 8:18-25; Psalm 125(126); Luke 13:18-21

Continuing from yesterday, when we were told that we are to inherit the kingdom of God, today in Romans we hear about the world we live in. People around us are desperately looking for answers to all those key questions - why do I suffer - why do children die in war - what made all of this beautiful world - where do we go when we die?

As heirs of God, we have the answers! Always the root of the answer lies in the Love of God, and our Love of God - the relationship that we were each baptised into. Those around is, in our families, our places of work, or our social lives - they need us to be open to sharing our inheritance with them.

Remember also that our full inheritance is in our future - we have to wait patiently, but in eager hope. Hope is like Faith, a way of being, but is a way that looks forward, rather than Faith, which is a way to look at what we are doing now.

Hope in your future, use faith in your present, and you will become attractors, people around you will come to know God.

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