Monday of 30th week of the year

Romans 8:12-17; Psalm 67(68):2,4,6-7,20-21; Luke 13:10-17

Romans 8 is a great place to go for advice on the spiritual life.

Todays reading invites us to remember that Jesus himself told us to talk directly to God our Father - God His Father, 'Abba, Father!'. This word, Abba, is one of the very few in the whole of scripture that we have available to us in the Lord''s own tongue, aramaic. Abba, is not a child's word like 'Daddy', but is the term one might use respectfully from an adult to their parent. Not Dad, can I borrow the car tonight, more, Father, I would like to talk with you about...

We should be reminded that as people who can refer to their parent god in this adult way - we are indeed God's heirs, we are due to inherit the kingdom of God. That is a great blessing indeed, and also a significant responsibility. To be worthy of that inheritance we do indeed need to live spiritual lives, focusing on the permanent, not the temporary.

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