Thursday of week 22

Colossians 1:9-14; Psalm 97(98):2-6; Luke 5:1-11

Not just to know him - St Paul is anticipating our fullest knowledge of Christ's will for us.

The Greek for knowledge is gnosis - you can see how this word is related. The greek for utmost, greatest, biggest is related to our word 'Epic' - epi. Paul wrote 'epignosis' which translates into 'fullest knowledge' in our reading from his letter to the Colossians today.

What is it we kneed to know? Just that Christ has established a place for us  - each and every one of us - in His kingdom. This is such a big promise - and it is a promise not a wish - and should transform how we look upon ourselves. As St Paul says in his letter to the Romans - there is nothing, man made nor spirit led, that can come between us and this promise that we will live in the kingdom of Jesus - where all is about the love between God and each of us.


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