Tuesday of week 8 in Ordinary Time

Ecclesiasticus 35:2-15; Psalm 49(50):5-8,14,23; Mark 10:28-31

The long seasons of Lent and Eastertide are over - we are back in Ordinary Time!

With some regret, perhaps, we now leave the daily reading form the Acts of the Apostles, and return to readings taken from the Old Testament, to accompany the daily Gospel reading. The acts had taken us on a rollercoaster ride of discovery as the new church grew and spread around the middle east. Now,  the new church founded by Christ, and given His own Mother too, has to grow and fend for itself throughout the known world without the direct assistance of anyone who ever met Christ as human. We continue today, but are guided by a rich and complex library of books - the Bible. Catholic teaching also emphasises that the ongoing revelation about the meaning of our relationship with God is not frozen in time in the scriptures. They are the pre-eminent source of all knowledge, but we are also blessed with the thoughts of the church Doctors, and should read beyond just scripture itself to help us grow.

Fortunately we also have some excellent authors and students of the bible in our midst, and can locate reliable guides to how to use the daily bible readings for example the recently published "The Diary of God" by John Huntriss. 

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