Friday in Easter Week

Acts 4.1-12; Psalm 117; John 21.1-14

It is the Lord!’ Imposters and charlatans come in his name [Matthew 24.24]; deceivers and false teachers claim his authority [II John 7-11]. But when the Lord and Master appears, we know him, our hearts burn [Luke 24.32], and we respond in uncharacteristic ways. Peter put his coat and hat on and then jumped headlong into the water!

Our stability and equilibrium are undermined by the manifestation of his presence and power. The temptation for us is to prefer the status quo, to stick with the devil we know.

But what we give up by such a preference! To choose to keep things steady and predictable deprives us of the strength and potency we need, robs us of what a benevolent and beneficent God is eager to give us.

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