Thursday in Easter Week

Acts 3.11-26; Psalm 8; Luke 24.35-48

Over and over the risen Jesus appeared to startled disciples, showed himself as the conqueror of sin and death, of space and time. St Luke tells us that these appearances continued for forty days [Acts 1.3] until his ascension; St Paul avers that ‘he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time.’ [I Corinthians 15.6]

Never, though, do we read of an appearance to Caiaphas and the temple priesthood; nary an epiphany to scribes and Pharisees; no jeering arrival at Pilate’s praetorium. None of them seem to matter. They have played their roles, but their hour has passed. However much they believe they have upheld the law, they have not listened ‘either to Moses or to the prophets, and they will not be convinced even if someone should rise from the dead.’ [Luke 16.31]

To those to whom he does appear, though, he comes bringing peace, not remonstration or condemnation. He eats and drinks with them, they see him and touch him [I John 1.1], and they go forth to witness to him. May he in his mercy appear to us this day, that we, also, may be his witnesses.

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