Saturday of Week (Our Lady of Lourdes)

Genesis 3:9-24; Psalm 89(90):2-6,12-13; Mark 8:1-10

Everyone it seems is blaming everyone else - Man blames Woman - which is ironic, as just a verse or two easier He is thanking god that woman is made from man and thus like him - , the woman blames the snake. All loose so much, cast from the garden of delights, set to labour to deliver babies, and to scratch a living from unyielding ground. Notably, Woman becomes subservient to Man and indeed we can see how much this is a feature in the Hebrew scriptures and -quite wrongly - persists to this day in most cultures. This is not part of God's plan, but a result of our sin.

Yet - there remains Hope. Cast out, yes, but not cast off and forgotten. God promises that the seed of woman will crush the serpents head, and God personally clothes them, as He knows they are embarrassed by their formerly glorious nakedness. This all meets its closure in the sight of Christ, born of a woman, crushing death forever, as he hung naked on his cross.

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