SS Chad & Cedd

Ephesians 6.1-9; Psalm 144; Luke 13.22-30

Four brothers from Northumbria—Cedd, Cynibil, Cælin and Chad—were all priests in the
th Century. Chad, who died at Lichfield on 2 March 672, was the first Bishop of Mercia; later he was made Bishop of Northumbria, establishing his see at York. Cedd, who died of the plague at Lastingham, Yorkshire, on this day in 664, was sent as a missionary bishop to the East Saxons; the (now Anglican) Cathedral of Chelmsford is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Peter and St Cedd. All four brothers were educated at Lindisfarne under Aidan and during lives of extensive missionary activity (Cedd in particular is credited with the founding of at least three monasteries) they continued to uphold Aidan’s ascetism and simplicity of life. St Cedd is remembered for his leadership at the Synod of Whitby in 664.

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