The Letter – A film with Pope Francis – November 30th 18:00

Review of our Viewing of The Letter

I’m told 41 chairs were put out and 40 people came! It felt like just enough, and certainly there was a good buzz. A lot of people had a hand in making it a success. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. John, for the seamless presentation. Sue for the monster envelope. Roger, for printing, pens, post-its – and for agreeing to collate responses. Caroline and Sue for tea/coffee, and biscuits. Anita for flowers and washing up. Stephanie for taxiing to Station. Jenny, Lois and friends for stall. Eleanor for collecting names. Everyone for coming. Oh, and the Laudato Si' Movement for the stimulating FILM!

Before the film, we had a moment of silence, and the prayer for the Earth from Laudato Si’ (#246). Afterwards, we heard from Elizabeth Shingler about her A level environment project: if you would like to help her with that by filling in the questionnaire she’s prepared, her email is

To close, John led us in a short reflection adapted from the Office of Readings for St Francis of Assisi, and a prayer: ‘Lord God, you made Saint Francis of Assisi Christ-like in his poverty and humility. Help us so to walk in his ways that, with joy and love, we may follow Christ your Son, and be united to you.’ is the film's website. From that you can watch the film in full, and sign up to get help in arranging your own screening. I found this easy to do for our group, but you should register in order to gain the benefit of the assistance available. I'm so pleased that other Cheltenham churches are showing interest in putting it on. NB No cost is involved save publicity.

Please reply to the Google group if you want to make any observations about the evening, positive or negative.

Though I think Eleanor did a good job with the attendance sheet, we failed to get many email addresses: let me know if you know those for people with blanks on the attached list please. Also, any errors or omissions.

I’ll be in touch again as soon as Roger has had time to go through the responses made by those present, collected in the great envelope! Meanwhile, make a note of the evening of 11th January for our follow up meeting, to discuss how we might take things forward locally.

Martin Davies

Screening of "The Letter" in the Old Priory, November 30th at 18:00

"The Letter" is a film which tells the story about the Pope’s call to care for our planet.  In 2015, Pope Francis wrote Laudato Si’ (The Letter); an encyclical letter about the environmental crisis to every single person in the world. A few years later, four voices that have gone unheard in global conversations have been invited to an unprecedented dialogue with the Pope. Hailing from Senegal, the Amazon, India, and Hawai’i, they bring perspective and solutions from the poor, the indigenous, the youth, and wildlife into a conversation with Pope Francis himself. This documentary follows their journey to Rome and the extraordinary experiences that took place there, and is packed with powerfully moving personal stories alongside the latest information about the planetary crisis and the toll it’s taking on nature and people. Because, in the words of the Laudato Si’ Movement chair Lorna Gold, “once you know, you CANNOT look away.” #LaudatoSiFilm 

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