St David, Bishop: Feast

March 1st: Philippians 3:8-14; Psalm 1:1-4,6; Matthew 5:13-16

The earliest written life of St David dates from five centuries after his death, probably in 589. He became eminent as abbot and bishop at the site now known as St David’s, but formerly Mynyw, from which the present diocese of Menevia is named. He is credited with a monastic rule based on the example of the Eastern Fathers, and also with a Penitentiary. He was invited to preside at the synod of Llandewibrefi. Monks trained at his monastery evangelized South Wales and made foundations in Cornwall, Brittany and Ireland. St David is said to have sent a Mass rite to Ireland. At his death his contemporary St Kentigern, founder of St Asaph’s in North Wales, witnessed in vision his joyful entrance into the joy of his Lord. His holy relics have been found hidden in the fabric of St David’s Cathedral, where they are carefully preserved. He was canonized by Pope Callistus II in 1123.

If you ever get the chance to visit the World's smallest city, St Davids, with the world's most beautiful Cathedral, St Davids **, then do. A very calming place to be. But even this inspiring place has had a few moments in its lifetime. An Earthquake resulted in the land she is built on tipping - it is a noticeable climb to walk up the aisle! And the clock tower has only three clock faces in its 4 sides. This is because the landowner in the 'blind' direction refused to contribute to the cost of installing the clock. Not everyone in C12 Wales wanted to get to church on time!


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