Laudato Si’ a 6 part series of talks

The Department for Adult Education and Evangelisation is offering a six-part series on Laudato Si’, the Papal Encyclical promulgated by Pope Francis in 2015. Jason Charewicz, the Caritas and Environmental Officer, will lead the sessions. The first three parts, called Laudato Si: Into the Wilderness take place in Lent. The final three, called Laudato Si: A New Creation, take place during Eastertide. Each session will focus on a single chapter of Laudato Si’ tied in with the liturgical season, providing an overview and invitation to dive deeper into the sections which call to you specifically. The encyclical will act as a focus for prayer and reflection to help discern the Lord’s call in your life.

This series is perfect whether you have never read Laudato Si’ and want a prayerful introduction, or if you have read the document many times and seek a spiritual refreshment and refocus.

Send them an email to register.

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