Saturday of the Week Per Annum 10

I Kings 19.19-21; Psalm 15; Matthew 5.33-37

Elijah was succeeded as the prophet of Israel by Elisha, at God’s instruction. [I Kings 19.16] We are told almost nothing about Elijah’s ancestry or life prior to his short prophetic career.  But we learn that Elisha was the son of Shaphat, of the town of Abel Meholah in the Jordan Valley.  His family were evidently well-to-do as they owned twelve pair of oxen.  Elisha marked his obedience to God’s call by burning the yokes of the oxen he was ploughing with and then roasting the animals over the embers.  After this sumptuous banquet, shared with family and their hired hands, Elisha followed Elijah, becoming his servant.

Elisha ultimately managed to complete Elijah’s work by sending an assistant to anoint Jehu as King of Israel [II Kings 9.1-3], thus finally ending the tyranny of Ahab and Jezebel. [9.6-10] The blood of the prophets was avenged.  ‘Thus Jehu rid Israel of Baal.’ [10.28] Elisha died quietly [13.20], after 60 years as prophet in Israel, about the year 832 Before Christ. 

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