Tuesday of Week 9

II Peter 3.11-15,17-18; Psalm 89; Mark 12.13-17

It may be doubted that the Second Epistle of St Peter is anyone’s “favourite” or most-consulted book of the Bible. From antiquity its authorship has been disputed, and though it claims to have been written shortly before Peter’s martyrdom (which probably occurred, under the Emperor Nero, in Rome in late 64) [II Peter 1.14], the situation of the epistle (St Paul’s epistles are referred to as “scripture,” a designation they didn’t enjoy until the 2nd Century) [II Peter 3.16] suggests that it was written rather later and attributed to Peter to give it greater authority.  Oddly, much of the text seems directly cribbed from the short epistle of Jude.

Nevertheless, the final words of this epistle, which we read today, are apt for Christians who live in times of uncertainty and waiting.  ‘What we await is a place where righteousness will be at home.’  In effect this ‘place’ is at once one which is given by God and one which we create by our own style of life—a lifestyle ‘without spot or stain’ and of mutual peace.  Undeterred by extremists and diversions, Christians are called on to ‘go on growing in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’.

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