Thursday of week 8

1 Peter 2:2-5,​9-12; Psalm 99(100):2-5; Mark 10:46-52

There are only two occasions in Mark's Gospel where Jesus says "your faith has healed you".

The blind Beggar Bartimaeus, and earlier, the woman with the heamorage, both demonstrate what faith is. Faith is a verb - Jesus is not responding to their belief in Him but to their putting into action their belief. The Woman, despite the insurmountable prejudices of the time against her, reaches out to Jesus and touches his garments. Bartimaeus shouts, shouts shouts for Jesus, despite many urging him to be quiet!

We need to take care that when we observe or experience someone acting against the apparent norms of society - check to see if they are exhibiting their faith by putting their belief in God in the only way the they know how to act?

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