Friday of the Week of Easter 6

Acts 18.9-18; Psalm 46; John 16.20-23

“We’ll meet again” declared Jesus, centuries before the birth of Vera Lynn.  For the earliest Christians, speculation about when that “second coming” would occur proved to be extremely diverting.  Many people thought it would occur within the life of their generation [John 21.22-23]; while others decided the best course was to stop work and go to the mountains where they could be the first to greet the Lord when he arrived. 

Against all of this St Luke quotes the exhortation of the Lord himself: “It is not for you to know times or dates that the Father has decided.” [Acts 1.7]  And St Paul, having asserted the truth both of Christ’s resurrection and of his promise to bring resurrection to the dead, appealed to Christians to  “Keep on working at the Lord’s work always, knowing that, in the Lord you cannot be labouring in vain.” [I Corinthians 15.58]

His coming will be “in a little while.” [John 16.16] That “short time” is impossible to measure, especially since it is controlled by One for whom a thousand years are equal to a day.
[II Peter 3.8]  We trust in, we look for his coming in power and great glory, but we resolve to be seen to be about the work he has given us when he returns. [Luke 12.35-48]

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