Tuesday of the Week of Easter 6

Acts 16.22-34; Psalm 137; John 16.5-11

The Book of Acts divides into two halves, the first half centred on Peter as the leader of Jesus’s apostles, the second half centred on Paul.  (There is a small overlap in Chapters 9-12 in which both Peter and Paul are active and there is a brief foreshadowing of Paul at 8.1).  St Luke doesn’t narrate the death of either Peter or Paul; they just disappear from the stage as others take their place.  (At the end of Acts [28.30-31] Paul is preaching and teaching ‘with complete freedom and without hindrance from anyone.’  His martyrdom falls outside the scope of Luke’s narrative.)

Paul has the same experiences that Peter had had, thereby showing himself a worthy apostle.  In Acts 5.18-19, and again in Acts 12.1-18, Peter is gaoled and miraculously released.  In today’s reading from Acts it is Paul (with Silas) who is arrested, thrown into prison, and miraculously delivered.

Luke makes a further point about the release of Paul and Silas.  It occasions the conversion of the gaoler and his household.  Their baptism made them, also, participants in the death and resurrection of Christ. [Cf Romans 6.3] 

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