Saturday in Easter Week

Acts 4:13-21; Psalm 117(118):1,14-21; Mark 16:9-15

Marks' Gospel, the first to be authored, finished with the empty tomb. Then the other Gospels were written, and they included accounts of the several times Our Lord met with the apostles in the days after his resurrection. It then appears that someone went back to Mark's gospel and appended todays reading, a brief summary of three of those appearances. They read as if they are there to remind us about things we should already have heard - in other words, everyone was describing those events, the aural tradition was alive, and only a word or two was needed to recall them to mind.

These events were beyond anything that could be imagined, truly remarkable and a great blessing to build the faith of the disciples Jesus left to build up the world wide church we know today. They still are important meetings to know about, as we all need to have our own meetings with the Lord: Personal encounters like Mary's in which Jesus reveals himself by calling our name, unexpected encounters while out and about talking with people, and sudden inspirational encounters like in the upper room.

Perhaps it would be wring to say, seek these encounters out! But the Lord will certainly be seeking to have them with you.

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