Easter Tuesday

Acts 2:36-41; Psalm 32(33):4-5,18-20,22; John 20:11-18

After yesterdays' account of the discovery that the Lord is risen - and is immediately about the work of spreading the good news - today in John we experience a different discovery,  in which Jesus' compassion for us is clear. Just in the use of Mary's name, she is healed of her grief. And reassured that as the Lord ascends to His Father, so shall we - we arise with him. God is our Father!

We do not hear much more about Jesus in John's Gospel. There is the meeting in the upper room, where satisfied by touch, Thomas believes - the Gospel then ends with a summary - if we have faith, then we shall be saved.

A meeting with Peter, which is perhaps a later appendix to the Gospel, follows. There is more in the Good news from Luke (tomorrow's Gospel is Luke).

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