Monday of the 5th week of Lent

Daniel 13:41-62; Psalm 22(23); John 8:1-11

This, the fifth week of Lent, we have a conversation between Jesus and the Jews (From John Chapter 8) for most of the days of the week.

The reference to Jesus writing in the sand - can be a puzzle that we could spend time pondering - what was he writing? A list of their sins perhaps? It may be more profitable to just take the scene at face value. By writing in the dust, Jesus was just giving the Pharisees time to reflect on what they new perfectly well - as we all do - that we are sinners and we need Jesus to save us and heal us. A very common sin in today's word - singling out other's poor behaviour (e.g. media stars...) but not admitting to our own.. seems to have been present in Christ's time also. Note that Jesus respects the woman - giving her time to speak, and he does forgive the woman - and asks her to go and to not sin any more.

Was the person she was committing adultery with one of those to pause, reflect on their sinfulness, and then go without throwing a stone?



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