Monday of Week 2 of Lent

Daniel 9.4-10; Psalm 78; Luke 6.36-38

Concerning each of us there is an outward self, a face we show to the world, and an inner self, a ‘heart’ as the Scriptures conveniently summarise it, which is hidden from most of those who encounter us, even from those closest to us, sometimes even hidden from ourselves, but which is open and exposed to the gaze of Almighty God.

Sometimes, though, even the most experienced gambler, the most practised liar, the most lauded actor, cannot disguise the thoughts of his heart.  Sometimes you only have to look at a person's face to recognise his mendacity, his cowardice, his duplicity.  ‘Integrity, Lord, is yours; ours the look of shame we wear today’.  

Coming to a deepened Christian faith sometimes gets expressed in terms that sound much like play-acting; we hear ourselves be encouraged to 'clean up our act', to 'improve our appearance', to 'put a better face on'.  But the right outcome of the searching moral inventory that Lent demands of us is not that we wash, repair, and rejuvenate.  What is called for is the harrowing of our very hearts.  And what we find when we permit a wise and uncompromising God to dig amongst the hidden contours of our hearts is that he is fundamentally a father, keen above all else to see us returned home, that he is fundamentally compassionate, keen above all else to pour into our laps riches beyond our wildest imaginings. 

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