Friday of the 1st week of Lent

Ezekiel 18:21-28; Psalm 129(130); Matthew 5:20-26

"Let us offer each other a sign of peace" are words I am now asked to say at Mass, just before we receive communion together. They stem from todays Gospel in which Jesus urges us to make peace with one another, over even the trivial things like name calling. Way more difficult and demanding than ancient jewish law such as 'thy shall not kill', Christ is concerned if we are even feeling angry with another.

Hopefully, and in practical terms, we come to church having made peace with our neighbours on the way in.. but that moment before we come to the altar together to share in the healing gifts of the Eucharist, we say publicly 'Peace be with you' and shake hands (or any other suitable, and reverent greeting to each other). Far from being a moment of bustle and distracting noise just before the high point of the Mass, the sign of peace has the power to bring us all to a calm, long peace and finally, ready to receive Jesus who can and does heal the hurts that lie within us.

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