Tuesday in Week 6

James 1.12-18; Psalm 93; Mark 8.14-21

The promise of the Resurrection of Christ is that his victory over death is a sign and earnest of the triumph that all his brothers and sisters [cf Luke 8.19] will share.  St Paul describes Our Lord as the ‘first fruits’ [cf I Corinthians 15.20-28], the beginnings of a great harvest that will come to its fruition in the ‘life of the world to come’ as we confess in the Nicene Creed.  

St James’ use of the phrase in today’s reading is therefore noteworthy.  ‘By his own choice he made us his children by the message of the truth so that we should be a sort of first-fruits of all that he had created.’  The ‘he’, of course, is the God whom he describes as ‘the Father of all light’.  Creation is the act of his will, the working out of a purpose which is central to his Heart
[cf Ephesians 1.3-14].  We may be described as God’s children because we were created by him [cf Genesis 1.26-27], but even more we are his children because his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, has claimed us as his brothers and sisters. [cf Romans 8.14-17; Galatians 3.29; 4.4-7]  As we enter once again upon our annual journey through the passion, death and resurrection of Our Lord, may our faith be strengthened that we, too, were created not for death but for life—life ‘worthy of the name’.  [John 10.10]

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