Tuesday of week 3

2 Samuel 6:12-15,17-19; Psalm 23(24):7-10; Mark 3:31-35

It is a good thing that we are left with 4 Gospels, and not just one, for each of them contains text which can be disturbing. Did, as Mark clearly says in todays Gospel, Jesus place his new friends above Mary his Mother, and above his brothers and sisters?

The same scenario told by Luke (Luke 8 19-21) has the brothers, sisters and Mary with Jesus before he tells the parables - so they become the first to hear the good news, not the last to miss out as implied by Mark.

The difference makes an important point: The people of Jesus are those who hear his Word - not just those who share the same blood line (or indeed, are of the same race). Thus it became possible for non jews to Hear the Good News, believe in Jesus and to also become his followers.

Without Mark we struggle to appreciate the importance of all people to Jesus, and without Luke we risk missing how vital Mary (and all women) is to Him, and therefore to us.

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