St Ambrose

Isaiah 26:1-6; Psalm 117(118):1,8-9,19-21,25-27; Matthew 7:21,24-27

When I think of St Ambrose, I am impelled to remember Fr Ambrose, who was a Priest in our Parish before my time, and like many of the Benedictines from Douai, retired to be Parish Priest at St Benets, Kemerton. Fr Ambrose was a big influence in my early life, as my grandparents were parishioners at Kemerton and attended daily Mass. I remember him for his lovely almost singing delivery of the canon of the Mass, my parents generation would remember him for his calm and supportive nature. Like many he is of course a Saint - he just is not in the official list.

In some cultures Saints Days are more important than birthdays - they are the day we remember our ancestors on. So if you had a certain Ambrose, Claire, Nicholas or Joan in your Family, find out their saints day, and when it arrives, remember them in your prayers.


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