Saturday of week 34

Daniel 7:15-27; Daniel 3:82-87; Luke 21:34-36

A short passage from Luke today - with perhaps three points to notice:

Stay Awake - constantly behave as if the second coming of the Lord is imminent - today - now! You travel through life like someone on a trail - and then suddenly a trap catches you out!

Be Ready - and the way to be ready is though prayer.

Be Confident - Jesus has saved you, so be confident in a welcome front he Lord when the time comes!

I have been told that the letters making the Aramaic word for 'Trap' are the same as those for 'Labour Pains'. (Aramaic is written with no vowels, so it is very possible to read the same letters as two or more very different words!). If that was intended as a pun, then the trap is as certain as labour at the end of pregnancy. Although I would also suggest that we can read more into texts than the Author intended - in the case of Luke, we often find that every single word is carefully chosen by the masterful author that he was - and he was also a Doctor so well able to make good use of imagery about life and health.

We can make use of a three letter biblical acronym - ARC - Awake, Ready, Confident!

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