Saturday of week 32

Wisdom 18:14-16,19:6-9; Psalm 104(105):2-3,36-37,42-43; Luke 18:1-8

We can return to Wisdom again today - the week has been full of memorials of saints. You may recall that in Mondays reflection we said that the liturgy this week each day begins with a section of the book of Wisdom. If there is time - it would be worth while to read the book of wisdom through to gain an overall flavour of her beauty.

The treatment of the Red Sea parting today, is one of seven in which the salving effect of disasters upon the Israelites, is shown via sophisticated writing, to have been the doom of Egypt. And the liturgy on Christmas Day makes use of the image of the opening sentence today...

When peaceful silence lay over all,
and night had run the half of her swift course,
down from the heavens, from the royal throne, leapt your all-powerful Word;
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