Tuesday of week 26

Zechariah 8:20-23; Psalm 86(87); Luke 9:51-56

roughly in the middle of his Gospel, Luke turns Jesus about and he begins the journey from Galilee towards Jerusalem.  Both a physical and a metaphysical direction - for Jesus did walk through the hills to Jerusalem, but also turned to face, and embrace his destiny there.

The physical journey begins by taking him directly through a Samaritan area - and there had been for generations open hostility between Samaritan and Jew. His direction of travel, and his purpose, were both rejected by samaritan peoples and there were words said! When is disciples proclaim the vengeance of Elijah - who had called on fire to hail down upon Samarian messengers (twice) - Jesus tells them no! Indeed - he rebukes them.

Perhaps the message to us today is to expect some kick back as we travel towards our Jerusalem - our encounter with God - and that we must not respond with anger. Jesu's way is to show what is right by our lives. That is why we say at the end of Mass:

"Go in Peace, Glorifying the Lord by your Lives"

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