Tuesday of Week 24

1 Timothy 3:1-13; Psalm 100(101):1-3,5,6; Luke 7:11-17

The ministry of a Deacon is threefold:

A servant of the Table - you will see a ministry exercised at Mass, assisting with the preparation of the gifts

A servant of the Word of God - through proclaiming the Gospel, Preaching, and as a catechist.

A servant to the people of God - through charitable work, giving an ear and time.

There is some specific advice about Deacons in St Pauls Letter to Timothy -  as we read today. Deacons aspire to meet this rather impressive CV, sure that they could never be worthy, but sure of the charism of ordination to guild and help them to be better servants.

Of course, the advice in Timothy applies to all the people of God - but this week as five men are preparing to be ordained on Saturday, please pray that they may be given the gifts needed to be the Deacon God is calling them to be.

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