Friday of week 20

Ruth 1:1,3-6,14-16,22; Psalm 145(146):5-10; Matthew 22:34-40

In many communities, workplaces and homes, if one asks 'what is the Golden Rule of Life' a typical answer might be 'do not do unto others, what you would not like to be done to yourself'. At first sight a sensible rule to control society - it is however intensely selfish, as it is based around what you would find acceptable to yourself.

Jesus' answer, so well known, is strikingly different. "Love God First, then your Neighbour As Yourself".

The key is 'Love'. This is the selfless love that you might see in a parent for their child, a child caring for their aged parent, a nurse for a sick patient, a Priest hearing the confession of a contrite sinner. We are not asked to honour or to obey God - but to Love. And we are asked to Love each other with that same Love.

If we did that, then we would have no fear of breaking any commandment - there would be no notion in our hearts to do so.

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