Friday of week 16 in Ordinary Time

Exodus 20:1-17; Psalm 18(19):8-11; Matthew 13:18-23

I hope the you found time to reflect upon the parable of the sower - yesterday's Gospel. Today's is the explanation of its meaning from Jesus.

Jesus had just previously praised his apostles for their understanding of his message - but here he is patiently having to explain it to them in any case. Most teachers and catechists might have experienced this - it can be exasperating. Jesus shows no sign of exasperation at all.

We all can probably see patches in our lives of thin dry soil, thorny soil etc. and hopefully, good fresh soil. That good soil is likely to be the result of time spent in prayer - prayer time turns over our soil, prayer time has a habit of helping us to see the stones and weeds in the way. Prayer digs compost into our soil - makes it fruitful.


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