Saint James, Apostle

2 Corinthians 4:7-15; Psalm 125(126):1-6; Matthew 20:20-28

This passage from Matthew is perhaps best read with the sequel, Matthew 20 29-34.

The first passage has two brothers (their mum takes the blame...) who in a very human way, wish to be leaders in Jesus's party. They are rebuked - gently - as Jesus tells them that his team is to be built unlike any other contemporary team. No one will be the boss - the leaders are those who serve.

In the second passage, Jesus meets two blind men, who would be totally dependent upon the service of others to simply stay alive - ask Jesus to serve them by healing them. Jesus puts his message into action - he performs the act of loving service needed, and heals them.

We should not be afraid of asking Jesus to serve us - but must be prepared to serve others in our turn. That service may well be the service Jesus gives to them, using us as his hands to touch, his eyes to look upon the world, and his arms to carry. (St Theresa).

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