Thursday of Week 15 in Ordinary Time

Exodus 3:13-20; Psalm 104(105):1,5,8-9,24-27; Matthew 11:28-30

The image of Oxen labouring to pull a plough, harnessed with a Yoke, is easy to imagine. The Law, given by God to Moses, was simple and clear, just ten statements, but mankind crafted many sensible rules of life such as washing before eating  into rules and regulations that indeed could be a burden to live by. Rabbis carted the text of the law in small leather boxes on their shoulders when in temples or the synagogue symbolising that they had placed themselves under this burden.

At the end of Wisdom (Chapter 51 vs 26) Ben Sira tells us to put our neck under the Yoke of Gods Wisdom. Wisdom is indeed much longer than the ten commandments, but it is not a set of burdensome rules: rather a set of suggestions as to how we can lead our lives to draw close with God.

Jesus' rules for life return to the simple - elsewhere he says that there is only one rule to follow (Love God, Love you neighbour) and if we can manage that, then none of the other rules are burdensome at all.

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