Tuesday of week 15 in ordinary time

2:1-15; Psalm 68(69):3,14,30-31,33-34; Matthew 11:20-24

Jesus had worked his miracles in Israelite towns - thus mainly for peoples who believed in God. Yet, few had accepted his message (which as we saw yesterday contained some 'hard sayings' that a reasonable person might struggle with!).

Jesus laments at this, in another of his sayings that can (and should) make us squirm slightly: he is indeed very distressed. He says that the same works of mercy given to the heathen peoples would have resulted in a much greater number of active believers.

We can become a little casual about the everyday miracles we witness  - like communion, baptism, reconciliation - frequently. Perhaps taking a moment to consider how these miracles of Christ appear to those on the outside of our church, and perhaps we need to be just a little more in awe of them.

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