Saturday in Easter Week

Acts 4.13-21; Psalm 117; Mark 16.9-15

We cannot promise to stop proclaiming what we have seen and heard.’ Indeed there is a kind of inevitability to proclamation. When we have experienced the presence and power of Almighty God, blessed be he, we are changed, transformed. Those who see us recognise that we have been with Jesus.

Yet there is no guarantee that others will comprehend our avowals. We should not be surprised that our witness is not believed. Neither should their recriminations discourage us.

For in our very midst the Risen Lord appears afresh and anew, even in unpropitious circumstances. He shows himself and through that revelation he empowers us and renews us, invites us to join in the work he is always and everywhere doing. He is alive, and we are raised to new life in him. [Romans 6.4]

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