Wednesday in Easter Week

Acts 3.1-10; Psalm 104; Luke 24.13-35

Poor little talkative Christianity’ the 20th-Century novelist E.M. Forster once mocked; and even if we take umbrage, we can recognise the force of his disparagement. Sometimes the barrage of our words, even holy words, scriptural words, fails to tell the story.

When God revealed himself to humankind, though, he did so as an infant, literally one who cannot speak. In the sound of a gentle breeze [I Kings 19.12] he conveys the deepest truth our hearts yearn to hear.

And when God reveals his sovereignty over Satan and sin and death, words, even holy words, scriptural words, do not suffice. ‘They recognised him at the breaking of bread’; and, like the earliest disciples, as over and over we experience his power in a hundred hundred ways we find ourselves ‘astonished and unable to explain.’

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