St John the Evangelist

1 John 1:1-4; Psalm 96(97):1-2,5-6,11-12; John 20:2-8

With Mary of Magdala, let us rush to tell others of the good news - the greatest ever news - that having died and been consigned to a grave, our Lord has arisen!

The first she met were Peter, and John. John was evidently a younger man as he ran faster to the tomb and got there first. Some of those that we meet with to share the great news will respond quickly, others (perhaps, most) will respond more slowly. We have to take them as they come, and always be open to their arrival, whether urgent and quick to seek the Lord, or perhaps pondering what this good news might mean, and come in at their own pace later on. Note that the disciple who ran to the tomb and got their first, and leaned in and saw the details that he wrote in his gospel, did not go in first. But Simon Peter did, followed by John. John then saw, and believed.

From that day on John, the disciple described as the one beloved of the Lord, eagerly spread the good news - he became an evangelist, and when later he wrote down his good news, his was one of the four selected to form the core of the New Testament. John's Gospel is a delight to read, with much use of imagery and tends to lead us to a knowledge of the mysticism of God, while still being grounded in human reality. God's Heart speaks unto our hearts.

A good way to appreciate it is to have it read to you, and Sir David Suchet has generously enabled this.

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